Burial Space at Hillcrest Cemetery

Hillcrest Cemetery is located on over 33 acres of well-manicured, park-like, grounds. We pride ourselves in offering some of the most beautifully landscaped spaces found anywhere. Hillcrest Cemetery has something to meet everyone’s needs. We have single lots, and those developed to accommodate two graves, all the way to large family sites. Customers are treated to a tour of the Cemetery, where they are shown the final resting place of over 14,000 people, along with our new sections that are available for burial.

For a list of available grave markers, styles and price ranges please visit our Burial Marker page. If you would like to schedule a tour today, please call Hillcrest Cemetery at 440.232.0035 and ask to speak to a member of our staff. Or, contact us via email at info@hillcrest-cemetery.com.