Choosing a Niche at Hillcrest Cemetery

After cremation and inurnment how do you honor your loved one? Hillcrest Cemetery offers a number of burial, crypt and niche options.

What is a niche?

A niche is an above ground space for the entombment of cremated remains.  Niches may be glass or stone faced. Hillcrest Cemetery offers a variety of niches including glass and marble fronts, along with double spaces for multiple urns.

Stone faced niches:

  • Single niche space shall contain only one cremated remains in an urn or approved container.
  • Double niche spaces shall contain two cremated remains in urns or approved containers.

Glass front niches:

  • Single spaces shall contain only one cremated remains which shall be in an urn approved by the cemetery.
  • Double spaces shall contain only two cremated remains in urns approved by the cemetery.

For more information on Hillcrest Cemetery cremations, urns, or niches please contact us at 440.232.0035, or email at