Glossary of Hillcrest Cemetery Terms

Here you’ll find a list of terms and definitions that relate to Hillcrest Cemetery cremations, processes and more.

Block– A large portion of cemetery land. Each block is divided into hundreds of sections. Hillcrest Memorial Park has 10 blocks.

Cremation The reduction of the body of a deceased person to recoverable bone fragments through a process, which combines intense heat and evaporation. The fragments are then collected and referred to as “cremated remains”.

Crypt– An above ground vault for the burial of human remains.

Entombment– The placement of a body into a crypt (often referred to as “Opening and Closing”)

Foundation- Used to support a marker. Acceptable foundations at Hillcrest Memorial Park are concrete or granite.

Interment– The placement of a body into the ground (often referred to as “Opening and Closing”)

Inurnment– The placement of an urn into a niche (often referred to as “Opening and Closing”)

Lot– Another word for grave

Mausoleum– A permanent building that houses crypts and niches.

Marker/Memorial– Used to identify and memorialize a loved one’s burial site. Hillcrest Memorial Park requires all markers to be flat and made of bronze. Our staff can assist with ordering a marker for your loved one.

Niche– An above ground vault for the burial of cremated remains.

Section– A portion of cemetery land located within a “block”. Each section is usually divided into 6 lots.

Urn– A container for the storage of cremated remains.

Vault– A container usually made of concrete or metal for a casket buried in the ground. Hillcrest Cemetery requires that vaults be used for all in-ground burials with the exception of cremated remains.